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About People Designs

People Designs is a health communications consulting and development firm located in Durham, North Carolina. We work with health organizations and health researchers throughout the United States and the world to develop and implement health communications interventions.

On each project we undertake, our goal is to develop and implement well-thought-out, theoretically sound, and empirically grounded communications solutions that ultimately improve peoples’ lives. We do this by first helping our clients determine the role health communications and technology can play in addressing their needs and the needs of the individuals they serve. Then, we select and develop specific communications strategies to meet those needs. The solutions we develop range from complex Web sites to simple print-based documents. Every solution we develop is unique.

We are a small, highly productive company with four staff. We work with dozens of associates who provide specialized skills and experience on specific projects. Our work is driven by solid grounding in public health theory and practice, creative skill in communication and design, state-of-the-art technical expertise, and almost 20 years of experience managing the development of complex interventions.

People Designs was founded in 1993.

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