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Although the services we offer can be applied to many different fields and purposes, we concentrate on health. Within health, we focus on communications as a way to achieve goals. Concentrating in this way allows us to offer the specialized knowledge and experience that our health-focused clients need. Some of the specific technical and content areas where we have special expertise are listed below.

Tailored Messaging

We have been developing and delivering individually tailored interventions since 1993.

Internet-based Applications

Our software development capabilities center around Internet-based applications (Web sites that function more like software applications). We develop cutting edge applications primarily based on open source technology.

Multiple Languages

We are used to working in multiple languages and character sets. We have developed print, Web, and interactive solutions in many languages, including Arabic, Spanish, Tagalog, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Khmer, and others.

Health-Related Content

Content areas in which we have a lot of experience include:

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