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Who We Are

People Designs includes four staff and dozens of associates. Some of our areas of expertise include:

David Farrell, President

David is founder of People Designs. He has an educational background in health education and health promotion (University of North Carolina Department of Health Behavior and Health Education), extensive business and project management experience, health communications expertise, and technical expertise in Web application engineering and development. He has served as an investigator and consultant to a variety of technology-based public health and medicine interventions and research projects for the past 15 years. At People Designs, David's primary activities include intervention design, health content development, and application engineering.

Kay Michaels, Senior Project Manager

Kay has over 20 years experience overseeing the development and implementation of educational and communication programs. At People Designs, Kay's primary activities include project management, health content development, and audio and video production.

Jonathan Wall, Application Engineer

Jonathan is a computer musician and digital artist with composition degrees from Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. At People Designs, Jonathan's primary activities include application engineering, programming, and support.

Jetze Beers, Production and Administrative Director

Jetze is an engineer and marketing manager by training and has over 30 years experience managing and conducting production-focused projects. At People Designs, Jetze's primary activities include administrative management, production of individually tailored interventions, and quality assurance.

Sarah Rodgers, Project and Administrative Assistant

Sarah has over 40 years experience as an administrative assistant and manager. At People Designs, Sarah assists with project production, administrative, and quality assurance activities.

Marley Beers, Associate

Marley is an independent graphic designer and artist with over 30 years experience designing for health and social service oriented clients. For People Designs, Marley develops identities, designs documents, and produces and edits graphics.

Satsuki Scoville, Associate

Satsuki is an independent photographer. For People Designs, Satsuki does photography on-site and in the studio.

Dean Kuhnlein, Associate

Dean is an independent video producer with over 20 years experience producing broadcast-quality video in multiple industries. For People Designs, Dean consults on the development of video-oriented interventions and produces and edits video.

Freckles, Coco, Kayla, Ninja, and Friends

We have a pet-friendly office.


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